Burgers of Laitumkhrah

The all-American burger is now a global entity, as evident in its presence in fast food joints across the world. In most places in India, it pops up in different avatars – chicken and vegetarian patties smacked between a split bun is how most people know the burger. But nothing can substitute the gratifying feeling of tucking into a well-made beef burger.

Laitumkhrah is arguably Shillong’s main social hub and is a good place for a burger run. It is also where I stay, so what better place to pick for my jaunt into food writing. I’ll stay humble though – there will be no critiques. Here are the three burger places I would recommend if you were chilling in ‘Laimu’.

Little Chef’s Fillet Burger

Okay! So technically this is not a burger. The juicy fillet comes in a fresh bun and its the flavouring of the meat that seals the deal. Simple, savoury and what I felt was a touch of Asian flavours really make this fillet burger stand out.

The Munchies Special

This is my comfort burger place – easier on the pocket and boasting a relaxed and vibrant alfresco setting. The Munchies special is loaded with bacon and cheese. Ask them for the mustard. If there was a beefier patty in town at such a great price, please let me know.

Sliders at The Grub

The Grub may not be big on portions but they do back it up with quality. If you are in the mood for a light snack, head over to this multi-level joint, enjoy the very thoughtfully set-up decor and dig into a plate of mini beef burgers. The juicy patties in the custom-sized buns will make you reconsider turning your snack into a larger order.

While these three places would be a safe bet because of their consistency, there are a few more places around the area that serve beef burgers. Mellow Moods is another popular restaurant which caters to the younger demographics and is popular for its occasional live events.  They do have a decent and affordable burger menu.



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